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Nagen Vegan Bakery – the first vegan Bakery in Naples FL – makes Coogens (Cookie + Vegan = Nagen)…and they are Delicious, Healthy, and Nagen…better because we only use healthy ingredients. Currently we have an expanding line of more flavors on the way for your coogen eating pleasure! When you see our coogens on our website, we bet that your mouth will start watering! For now, we have 7 scrumptious cookies: Chocolate Chip Coogen, Macadamia Nut Coogen, Peanut Butter Coogen, Chocolate Fudge Coogen, Sugar Coogen, Cinnamon Coogen, Rocky Road Coogen. They all bring you light and unique tastes, and create unforgettable cookie memories! And we will deliver them fresh to your home or office.

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  • Person Carl Veus
  • Address 2285 2nd Ave SE, Naples, FL, 34117, USA